What Do People Consider Freedom?

Freedom is one of the basic concepts. Everyone wants to be free; however, if we take a few people and ask them, we will find out that their understanding of the Freedom differs. It will not show immediately. In the first place, people will not be able to provide clear definition of the Freedom.

When our distant ancestors decided to write their first words with a stylus on the clay tablet, they choose the word "Amargi". Of course, it looked like this 4500 years ago:

old writings

In ancient Sumerian, "Amargi" meant freeing from debts. Such event usually was a gift from a new ruler who took the throne. A kind of chance for each person to start with a clean state. A reload of financial system.

It boosted the economy: peasants could return to their fields, and debt-slaves could come back home. The ruler did not aim at preserving status quo when the rich were getting richer and the poor were getting even poorer. His goal was establishing the prosperity of the city, and all citizens should be free to achieve it.

Credit-card debts are not, naturally, as harsh as Sumerian debt-slavery. However, there are many kinds of Freedom beyond the freedom of expression and freedom of electing a ruler, and one of the most important is the economic freedom...

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Developing GUI Wallet for Bytecoin

In Bytecoin Reference Client release version 1.0.3 we have rolled out Bytecoin high-level API that is capable of providing top-notch tools for GUI developers. This update is a crucial prerequisite for Bytecoin Wallet, as it allows to run a native Bytecoin network inside any application. It acts as a showcase for INode and IWallet interfaces and allows 3rd party developers to focus on making their product without the necessity to understand complex CryptoNote cryptography.

However, this update was not dealing with the core only: we have released a GUI Wallet, which is a big step towards users. Not only does it allow to use Bytecoin with more pleasure, but demonstrates convenience of new API libraries that allow to concentrate on developing applications.



We were looking at the best solutions only during wallet development. Our goal was to select the best that was created before us while keeping specific Bytecoin features.

Bitcoin-Qt was selected as a basis, being one of the most popular yet easy-to-use wallets. We did not stop here, though. We liked the NXT Wallet's elegant design, and Hive showed us the way to be user-friendly...

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The Programmers' Kiloversary

Today is Bytecoin Anniversary by programmers' calendar. If I had 10 lamps that would light up to show the day of Bytecoin's existence, today all of them would be lit, and tomorrow I would have to add another one. The lamps' counting, naturally, starts with zero, our team's - with one.

We have been working on Bytecoin for more than three years. Bytecoin is 1024 days old now. Our understanding of what we have created has been increasing over time. Starting at the point, when we understood Bytecoin as completely anonymous and egalitarian currency, we have come to realise that Bytecoin is actually a global financial system that allows for creating financial tools of any level of complexity inside itself.

Inventions take society to a higher level on the one hand, but put it to the lower level on the other. Inventor can, no matter how good his intentions would be, contribute to the society's retrogression.

We can move faster thanks to automobiles, but we walk less. We can complete more tasks thanks to fast food, but we became less healthy. We are more connected to the world thanks to the Internet, but we communicate less with people around us...

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Bytecoin Wallet Released

The Bytecoin team has released a fundamentally new GUI wallet, featuring modern design, intuitive interface, and high speed of operations in Bytecoin system. Bytecoin Wallet is available in versions for all major OS and allows new users to start working with Bytecoin swiftly.

Bytecoin Wallet is the second part of Bytecoin v.1.0.3 release. Earlier this week Bytecoin Reference Client has been updated to introduce new high and low-level API. These APIs give smart access to Bytecoin engine and allow third party developers to focus on building their own applications and services according to their business requirements.

Bytecoin Wallet and API libraries together represent an updated Bytecoin technology that allows both users and developers to shape and improve Bytecoin ecosystem, and take part in it in a simple and comfortable way.

Share your thoughts with us! We invite you to download and test Bytecoin Wallet. Your feedback is valuable for us and will affect usability and upcoming features.

Bytecoin Wallet: Overview


Bytecoin Wallet: Overview

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Bytecoin: Under the Hood

A lot of work has been done on refactoring Bytecoin Core's source code. This process started with the version 0.8.11, which had Bytecoin high-level API interface declared for the first time. The newly released Bytecoin Reference Client v.1.0.3 is the next significant updated for the Bytecoin Core.

Here I will explain what has been happening under the Bytecoin's hood and what our technology vision is. This description is crucial to understand Bytecoin's roadmap and the necessity to pursue its vector.

The v.1.0.3 release notes focus on the following updates:

  • In-process INode implementation for applications
  • Low-level ITransaction API interface for ordinary and multisig transactions
  • Simplewallet migration to high-level API (namely, INode plus IWallet)
  • Instant transaction notifications for in-process INode

Purpose of this update

V.1.0.3 is an important milestone on the way to standardize various components' access to Bytecoin network. It is also a requirement for Bytecoin GUI Wallet, which is coming out later this week...

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Sunset Terminator / d1000

Today we celebrate traditional Bytecoin's Kiloversary, which marks a new period of existence of this cryptocurrency. In connection to this, we have prepared a few substantial updates, the first of which will be released tomorrow, on the 1001st day of Bytecoin's existence.

We are making considerable efforts to help in building the New Economy, and doing our best to make the world of tomorrow differ from the world of today. Such grand task as changing the economical paradigm requires assistance not only from cryptographers and programmers, but from specialists in social fields, like economists, lawyers and sociologists, as well. These people are the ones who mostly help in creating a cryptocurrency not for itself, but cryptocurrency for other people, for the world.

The presence of large number of teams and ideas that they implement increases possibility for the new economy to be really new. It means that it would not be the 20th century economy + the Internet, but brand new Economy: a system that has never existed before, the one that creates new patterns for people interaction in virtual reality.

And we are making our own contribution to this new economy. A reliable cryptocurrency is a must, but it is not enough. After developing the Bytecoin Core we moved our focus to creating the add-ons that would be convenient for users and businessmen, for all those who will create the New Economy by becoming a part of it!


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Drop of water / d934

I think a lot about how my career as a scientist began. Was it really a moment in my childhood that destined my whole life, or was it but a starting point in the direction designed before I was born?

It was then, at school, when I asked a question, and I have not found the answer yet. We had a class in Physics, and our teacher was explaining us diffusion in liquids. In order to do it, she had drawn on a blackboard a few molecules of water interacting with molecule of color. A thread of connection started at water molecule and led to color molecule, so the latest appeared to be in a net that was pulling it in different directions.

But what seemed strange was that water molecules were interconnected with such threads, too. Simple water looked like a super-complex computer. Every molecule 'knew' intensity and way of interacting with nearby molecules. And I asked a question: "How those molecules know what to do?"...

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