Resume / d910

Our planet will soon complete one more circle around the Sun. Traditionally, it is the time we recapped on the past year events.

Cryptocurrencies have grown up in the past year. They no longer should be considered as toys for programmers or the triumph of pure mathematics.

Next year they will enter the large world, become known to the masses and serve their true purpose. This is the area of the nearest development.

That is what we were bracing ourselves for during this autumn and winter. Early next year we'll showcase a new convenient interface that will make Bytecoin very simple to use in the daily life.

We hope that the past year had been as productive for you as it had been for us and wish you an even more successful next year. Thank you for your support. See you in 2015.

Bytecoin Team

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Future is always unexpected / d900

Science-fiction writers often predict the future on the whole and make huge mistakes in details. It's no big deal to predict space travel. It's far more difficult to predict Internet. That's why sci-fi space travelers of 60-70th can watch films from crystals and read books from microfilms. We are not traveling through space but can already watch films in the internet. It's more comfortable than crystals and microfilms.

It's easy to predict robots that will grow vegetables and drive cars. It's more difficult to guess how the financial system of the future will look like.

Money is an elusive essence which transpierces the world. Money is everywhere and it is so habitual that it is not noticed. Money is air. We need it to live but take it for granted.

We've come to the point where we can think "What is money?" And if we think about it the answer will come. Money is conventionality that helps to exchange goods and services.

This may seem a bit unusual for those who got used to think of money as of absolute essence which is backed with gold and supported by government. No. Money is conventional...

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Obstacle course / d892

The goal of any marketing expert is to shut down rational part in a human being and make this being take decisions by lizard brain. It is amazing how many tricks and ruses are developed in order to control the relict part of human brain and force it to make impulsive decisions.

Such trifles as scent of fresh brewed coffee or baked goods can't amaze anyone - that's old-timey. Far more up-to-date methods are used by banks that offer people credit cards from which "one can't refuse". And owning a card one can't refuse from unnecessary purchases that can be done "as easy as ABC".

We have already reached the condition when manipulative control over people is too intense. Too often the rational part of brain is shut down. Too often people step hasty and then suffer from this.

A person suffers and suffers the state. Concrete people can suffer concrete obesity, but all in all the state suffers from the common problem of obesity.

We have reached the bottom and now can only push off from it. More and more people realize that from marketing discounts and bonuses gain only providers of services, not clients. An offer one can't refuse is an offer one should consider in every meticulous detail.

I welcome the intention to become more conscious. Become rational. The intention to deprive marketing specialists of the possibility to manipulate us. To that end it is firstly necessary to increase our financial literacy. And I am glad that financial management courses have become rather popular. More and more people want to know how they can manage their finances effectively.


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Walls and Traps / d878

As a result of golden age people were relieved of many responsibilities. Division of labor and its specific character have led to the situation where a person who cooks food doesn't know much about sewing clothes and one who builds houses is incompetent in production of cars. If all participants of the process are honest people, then there should be no problems.

And what if they are not? A cook will find food additive that makes meals exceedingly tasty. Should he use it even if it damages health of customers? But he will have a lot more clients and the health damage is not that extensive after all...

And if a car manufacturer will notice that people are not buying new cars because the old ones may not be that good, but still go. Is it worthwhile to produce cars that break down beyond repair in 10 years? Then people will stop using old cars and start buying new ones.

Instead of realizing that cook adds food additive that ruins health and stop eating his food or that dishonest manufacturer produces defective cars and stop buying his cars people just shift this responsibility. They invent state structures that are obliged to supervise how harmful on the average food is or how defective on the average a car is. They set boundaries which manufacturers are not allowed to strain. Manufacturers in turn are trying to legislatively wrest more freedoms and conceal information in order to meet regulations. Lawmakers start implementing regulations on execution of regulations and this process winds up on a higher level...

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As We Came Of Age / d864

I think that modern historians would name the 20th century 'The Golden Age' even despite two world wars. On the one hand, science advancement level in 20th century provided the means to make human life more comfortable. On the other hand, different institutes took upon themselves care of duties for people, allowing them to 'just do their job'.

One could simply come to the office and do one's work without ever thinking of what the company does as a whole, and how it makes profit; one could simply be paid without ever thinking of where the salary comes from; one could simply spend money to buy a car without ever thinking of why these pieces of green paper are exchanged for a car; one could ride around the city all day without ever thinking of where the fuel for the car comes from...

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A Remote / d850

Not many people ever think of what money is. Who is emitting it, by what right, what is the reason to emit this particular amount?.. I understand these people. When I want to watch football, I turn my TV on without thinking how nuclear power plant and transformer work, how current runs in the cables. It is not my specialty.

People are used to handling money just as easily as turning TV on/off. That is why the main task of our team is to stop talking almost exclusively of PoW, Mining, Peer-to-Peer and start doing something to make our cryptocurrency just as easy to handle as fiat for people.

Cryptographic principles of currency's operation should be our internal affair, and it is our job to make them so firm that discussing them would be unnecessary.


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Alcove and the Dwarves / d843

It so happened that I observed two different carpenters working on the same tasks: building an alcove.

First time happened when I was visiting my friends in France. The wanted to have an alcove for quite some time when I came, but choosing a carpenter for the job took them very long. Finally, they found a man who asked about 20% more than average price for the job. Nevertheless, he was working whole day with only one break for lunch. He did everything right from the word go. When I watched him working, it seemed to me that the carpenter had in his mind the complete image of the alcove from the foundation to the carved roof, and all he needed was to follow that image. By the end of the day, the alcove was complete.

Next time I decided to have an alcove...

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