The Roof and the Towers / d829

When you are getting near the end of a big and complex job, there is always this cunning wish to jump over to the very end and enjoy observing the results. It is quite a challenge to make yourself slow down and check the code again and again. Because everything is all right, everything is running and we can compile and upload the code right away. What is the reason behind delaying this pleasant realization of completeness?

Neocortex is planning to build the 11th level of his castle on Sunday. I am sure that he already wants to put the last two cards of the 12th level, as it is very painful for such a perfectionist to see the castle without the last level with two cards lying at the side of it.

And I respect this man very much for his delaying the joy of completing his castle until the code passes double-check for efficiency and reliability. The only feeling that is more pleasant than awareness of completeness is that you have built a castle capable to withstand any hurricane.


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Card-Castle / d822

People get different features in the course of career advancement. An acquaintance of mine celebrated each buy in by eating a chocolate cake. A friend of mine starts her business week with a 2-hour Yoga training, waking up for it at 6 a.m.

And I am building up my progress bar using a card-castle, utilizing triangular numbers for this. With their help, I can calculate the height of my castle so that final stage of work would correspond the top row.

Now I am leading the API development for Bytecoin, and I had 222 cards when I started. Yesterday I have built 10th row. Building the top is my favorite process. On the one hand is the pleasure arising from close completion of the project, and on the other is danger of all rows falling down if you make one wrong move; you have to act very carefully. My castles have never fallen apart.


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Handful Of Dreams / d815

I went to orrery today and admired the fineness of our Universe. I think Frederick Cook felt the same awe when he travelled to the North Pole. But Cook travelled himself and saw the snow-white wide with his own eyes. And I was watching a picture created by a handful of triodes and a lense.

When I joined this project I thought it would be easier. At that time, one and a half years ago, I was not a very experienced programmer and those concepts I had of solutions for those high-level problems I am solving today were quite naive. I thought it would be simpler. Necessity to earn for living with normal work and creating the next generation cryptocurrency in the spare time are quite exhausting. But I keep in mind that making such product will help to redistribute the resources. Take some part from the production of yachts with golden railings and means for murdering people and send them to research cancer and for space exploration. So yes, this goal is worth such exertion.


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Outer Space / d808

Greetings! Throughout this week me and Bytecoin have been staying in, preparing to join OpenBazaar, but today in this wonderful sunny Friday and we are planning to get out of the network and have a joyful journey in the Great World.

Today Bytecoin will accompany me in walk around Manhattan and I appreciate his willingness to join me. I'm going to introduce it to all of my friends that I might come across today. I will surely introduce Bytecoin to my favorite hotel that I stay in every time I get the chance to visit New York. It will get to know my favorite cafe where I relish the beautiful music and exceptional politeness of the servers and of servers and bussers. I am sure my friends will be surprised when they see us together, I've been through it before. They'll ask me what do we need new money for if we already have Bucks, Euro and Yen? I am sure that the idea that we need at least a few hundred of new currencies will astound them. I'll give my friends a few moments to regain composure and then introduce them to my good friend Bytecoin...

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Pullman Car / d800

Hello dear friends!

We have decided to post this "hello mesage" from the team a day earlier, that is on Thursday.

The reason for us to break tradition which has only been created recently is that today is 800th day since Bytecoin was launched. Sure, programmers can object and point out that there is nothing special in the date, and we would rather celebrate, say, April 23th, when Bytecoin will be 1024 days old.

We want to say this: we have created Bytecoin and keep on making it better for all the users, not only the programmers. That is why we are working our fingers to the bone to make Bytecoin known to everyone as a cup of coffee in the morning, comfortable as Pullman car, reliable as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's battleship, yet fast and maneouverable as clipper with elite Chinese tea steered by noble but starving freebooters.

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Alpha / d787

Today is august 29th, one of the last days of summer. Although the Gregorian calendar sets the New Year's start from January, we all know that it actually starts with September 1st. Summer moves on smooth and serene and every day is the same. Summer is the time of rest and is perfect for having a rundown on what has happened during the year. Autumn, on the other hand, is the time for rapid and explosive action. Autumn is when you set out on a new project, full of energy and enthusiasm.

This year is crucial for our team for many reasons. We've summarized what has been done for the last two years and drew a plan for the next year. The development strategy at last has been formalized with every member of the team keenly aware of his part in it. These last few days of summer is the time we summon the strength for an eventful autumn.

We'd like to express our gratitude to everyone who's been helping us build Bytecoin for the last two years. We equally appreciate the work of those who's been with us from the very beginning and who's joined the project when it was well under way. Because of your hard work Bytecoin is now a perfect financial instrument that will serve the world a good job. We can't be sure about the details but we are positive that Bytecoin will have an extremely interesting and dynamic future.

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Bytecoin v.1.0.2 wallet updates

Bytecoin has been updated to v.1.0.2, which includes the following features:

- Transaction history for simplewallet and Wallet JSON RPC
- Reset command for simplewallet and Wallet JSON RPC
- Various simplewallet improvements

The "reset" command is a handful tool in case you would like to resynchronize your wallet's data from scratch. This command was introduced to avoid deleting the wallet.bin file in case the re-synchronization is required.

The transaction history can be obtained through "list_transfers" command in simplewallet or "get_transfers" method in Wallet RPC. It returns the information regarding all incoming and outgoing transactions. The method provides an easy way for the users or services to recheck all the wallet's operations.

You may learn more about these new features on Bytecoin Wiki: new simplewallet commands and their outputs, new Wallet JSON RPC methods.

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