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Install Bytecoin and create your first wallet

  1. Install and launch Bytecoin Wallet. Your wallet will be created automatically
  2. Wait until Bytecoin synchronizes with the network

Receive money

  1. Your wallet's address is a 95-symbol string located at the top bar of the Wallet
  2. Copy your address and insert it in the field below to get 1 BCN


Send money

You may donate money to one of the causes below by sending it to the corresponding Bytecoin address. Click on the image below to copy Bytecoin address to clipboard.

Donate to Bytecoin community faucet
Donate to ecosystem development fund
Donate to community media fund


In your Bytecoin Wallet open the "Send Bytecoins" tab. Insert the address and the amount, and press "Send".


Get to know Bytecoin ecosystem

You may get more bytecoins by purchasing on an exchange or joining a mining pool. Get to know Bytecoin infrastructure.


Join Bytecoin community

Meet Bytecoin community members and take part in discussions on Bytecoin Community Forum.


Accept Bytecoin on your website

You may start accepting Bytecoin as a payment on your website with our quick integration guide.