Bytecoin Daemons v3.0.2 Release
Apr 17, 2018


Thanks to the many requests and feedback from our integrators, we’ve updated our Bytecoin Daemon and added some new features to the backend part.

  • API change: In create_transaction, spend_address parameter of type string is changed to spend_addresses of type []string. This change is likely to affect only Web wallets developers.
  • API change: In sync_mem_pool, added_binary_transactions of type string is changed to added_bc_transactions of type bytecoin::TransactionPrefix. This change breaks compatilibilty between new and old walletd and bytecoind, so make sure they are both the same version.
1st Quarter Milestone - The Asian Market welcomes Bytecoin
Apr 11, 2018

Dear Community,

The 1st quarter has passed and we are very happy to announce that despite many obstacles, such as governmental regulations, bans, scandals, and restrictions from authorities in the Asian market, we were still successful in launching our communities in Asia. Currently we have very active community members in Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

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New API Stable Release
Mar 19, 2018

Dear Bytecoineers,

The Bytecoin Development team is happy to announce that we’ve reached another important frontier in our yearly Roadmap and we are happy to present you with the most essential updates that you’ve been waiting for. Let us help make you familiar with the progress that we’ve been working on for past several few months.


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Buy Bytecoin Button and payment deadlines.
Jan 10, 2018

Dear Community,

There were some messages from users who were trying to buy Bytecoins with BTC and haven’t received BCN because of the pending timeout. I’d like to clarify this situation one more time.

20 minutes is a period of time when the BTC transaction has to appear on the network (not to be confirmed, but to be created). So the person who is willing to buy BCN with BTC has to pay the invoice within 20 minutes. While making the order, please, be sure that your BTC wallet is in your hand and you’re able to make a payment within the deadline. Please notice that it’s quite important to send your BTC from the external wallet like but not from the exchange platforms. Only sending BTC from the external client will allow your funds go to the memory pool immediately. In other cases, your BCN won’t be deposited and you’ll be refunded with BTC in 30 days manually.

This measure was taken due to the current high volatility of cryptocurrencies and this period of time tends to minimise the risks of the extreme price fluctuations. In case you see that you aren’t able to pay the invoice within 20 minutes, please, cancel your order or make another one to make sure you’re able to make a payment in the mentioned time limit.

Bytecoin 2018 Roadmap (1, 2 Quarter)
Dec 22, 2017

Dear Community,

We’d like to present you with our new roadmap for the 1st and 2nd quarter of 2018

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The Wallets Issues: Official Statement and Deadlines from the Development Team
Dec 20, 2017

Dear Community,

To start with, we’d like to thank you for your patience and support these past few days when Bytecoin was faced with some difficulties. Moreover, I’d like to make an official statement to clarify the current situation.

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Web Wallet Update
Dec 11, 2017

Meet the updated web wallet! We’ve decided to add some new useful functions and make it much more user-friendly. Here’s a list of the features we’ve added:

  • Code and wallet function optimization
  • 2FA using Google Authenticator
  • QR-code reader
  • Monitor the rates by clicking on the header
  • Direct links from the hash to the block explorer
Untraceable Tokens and Proof of Concept
Dec 08, 2017

Dear readers,

Half a year has passed since the first mention of Bytecoin’s untraceable tokens. Now it’s time to give you some updates about the current development situation, as well as the advantages and disadvantages regarding the conception.

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Mobile Wallet for Android reaches version 1.1.0
Nov 21, 2017

Mobile Wallet for your Android graduates to version 1.1.0 today.

  • 2 FA using the google authenticator
  • QR code reader which allows you to send coins in just a few seconds
  • Manage your accounts in the app


Bytecoin Android Wallet Release
Nov 10, 2017
Our Android wallet has officially been released! It is now available for your viewing and downloading pleasure from the Google Play Store!


A clear way to your private future!
Oct 13, 2017


Here we present our plan for the new products and apps that Bytecoin plans to release. We have been inspired to bring you the very best in terms of services and features which will make the use of Bytecoin easier to use than ever before.

Bytecoin Wallet 2.1.2 Update
Oct 10, 2017

Reference Client & RPC Wallet changes

v. 2.1.2:

  • Updated crawler public key
  • Daemon stability improvements

Bytecoin Wallet changes


  • Update dependencies (Client and RPC Wallet)

Bytecoin Reference Client v.2.1.2 and Bytecoin Wallet v. is available in the downloads section.

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