Bytecoin 1.0.10: New Block Size and RPC Wallet with Fusion Transactions

On April, 11, a new version of Bytecoin was released. From now on, the RPC Wallet is able to use Fusion Transactions and the Bytecoin block size has been increased from 20,000 bytes to 100,000 bytes. In addition, RPC Wallet API has been updated. New method save() is now available. It allows to save the wallet file in any moment.

Also, several bugs have been fixed, which increased the Bytecoin Wallet's reliability. The new Bytecoin GUI Wallet now contains updated In-Wallet Node. For reliable and stable operation, we recommend to update the Bytecoin Wallet. You can download the new Bytecoin Wallet here.

Block Size Increased

The size of a Bytecoin block is dynamic. At the moment, the optimum size of the block is 20,000 bytes. However, in case a large number of transactions is sent into network and they do not fit in the block, the miner can create a block with the size larger than the optimum one. This increase leads penalty, so the miner who created such block will receive smaller block reward.

If the size of the new blocks is regularly above 20,000 bytes, the network increases the optimum block size.

The Bytecoin Team decided to increase the optimum block size from 20,000 to 100,000 bytes. This allows to process sudden rises of the number of transactions in the network faster. As a result, unprocessed transactions will not be accumulated in the nodes and maximum time for transaction processing will be close to the stated 120 seconds.

The Bytecoin Wallet contains updated In-Wallet Node which is necessary to proper work of the network.
You can download New Wallet here

RPC Wallet with Fusion Transactions

Fusion Transactions provide users with possibility to automatically optimize their accounts without any fees. This optimization will be useful for those, whose BCN are splitted in multiple small pieces stored in different areas of the blockchain.

Until now, the Fusion Transaction could only be used by means of the GUI Wallet. In this release, the RPC Wallet also becomes capable of optimizing the wallets for free. For more details on using the Fusion Transaction in RPC Wallet, please look here.

Last time, the Bytecoin RPC Wallet was updated in version 1.0.9. The update resulted in significant expansion of the RPC Wallet API functionality.

Bytecoin RPC Wallet was developed especially for needs of online services which use Bytecoin as underlying financial platform. RPC Wallet along with Reference Client and GUI Wallet, provide users, developers, administrators and businessmen with options to use the capacities of Bytecoin Platform in a way that most convenient for them.

You can download the new release here. If you want to be on the top of events with Bytecoin platform and be the first to learn the most important news, subscribe to the Bytecoin mailing list.

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