Bytecoin 1.0.9 Release Introduces RPC Wallet Updated API

The new version of RPC Wallet was released on December, 09th. Now, the Wallet has a number of new features, including direct operation of the RPC Wallet with the blockchain. Besides, special functions were created to simplify some operations, which, before now, could be performed only by using a number of functions. In addition, Bytecoin Wallet 1.0.9 will be presented in this release. It displays data concerning the performed transactions in more accurate and detailed manner.

Bytecoin RPC Wallet was developed specifically for the needs of online business. It features a user-friendly API that allows a businessman to connect his online business to the Bytecoin Platform and utilize its complete functionality to improve the efficiency of his enterprise. RPC Wallet is also useful for the services that provide complex financial services for the users and use Bytecoin as an underlying platform.

RPC Wallet provides wide range of functions for the users. For example, the businessman can receive and send funds, assign unique address to each user and manage such addresses as simply as a single one.

We can highlight the following features among the new ones:

  • An option for backup or transferring RPC Wallet keys to another server. Using the 'getSpendKeys' and 'getViewKey' functions, you can get every private key managed by the Wallet. Later you can save them in a secure storage or install on another server using the 'reset' and 'createAddress' functions.
  • Delayed transactions. This tool allows you to validate transaction parameters, lock the outputs for a transaction, calculate a hash etc. before sending the transaction into the network. We have introduced the concept of delayed transactions in order to make sure that a transaction passes all checks before being sent.
  • The new API allows for operating with the blockchain directly. For instance, there are functions now that allow a developer to get the list of hashes of the last blocks or transactions. It is also possible to get data on certain Payment ID or certain address managed by RPC Wallet from a range of blocks.

Details on RPC Wallet API functions and list of these functions is available in Bytecoin Wiki.

The last update of the RPC Wallet allowed for using Aggregate Multi-Addresses. This novelty allowed business owner to assign unique address for each new user and use it for receiving payments only from this client.

Bytecoin RPC Wallet is an important direction of development for the Bytecoin Team. Along with Reference Client and Bytecoin Wallet, RPC Wallet provides users, developers, administrators and businessmen with options to use the capacities of Bytecoin Platform in a most convenient way.

You can download the new release here. Complete list of functions of the new API can be found in Bytecoin Wiki. If you want to be on the top of events with Bytecoin platform and be the first to learn the most important news, subscribe to the Bytecoin mailing list.

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