Bytecoin 2.0.0 Major Update (Beta)

On July 4, the fourth anniversay of the project, the Bytecoin team introduces Bytecoin v.2.0.0. This release marks a major update after extensive core refactoring. The new Bytecoin Reference Client and Bytecoin RPC Wallet set up a new standard of performance for CryptoNote currencies, improving RAM consumption, synchronization speed, and network security.

The blockchain storage has been moved to a database powered by RocksDB resulting in significant RAM consumption reduction. The newest Bytecoin daemon takes up modest 150-200MB RAM, a sixfold decrease comparing to the previous versions. It also handles blockchain data more efficiently allowing the application to start up substantially faster.

The underlying network protocol has been updated providing faster synchronization. It takes daemon only 2.5 hours to sync with the network from scratch. Thus, starting from v.2.0.0 users can start up a Bytecoin node 4 times faster.

The core has become much more reliable. The verification of blocks and transactions has been optimized allowing, among other things, to handle alternative chains intelligently. Combined with various other improvements this increases network robustness and improves overall network security.

The Reference Client release is already available on the Downloads page. The GUI version of Bytecoin Wallet will be updated later in July.

The updated source code is available on GitHub.

Please note that this major update is currently in beta. Bytecoin remains fully backwards compatible. Should you have any comments on the new release, please contact our support team immediately:

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