New Bytecoin Roadmap: Fine Tuning

On the 18th of March, the Bytecoin Team presents the updated Roadmap. The new version contains the Bytecoin Platform development plan for the nearest future. The coming releases feature Blockchain Storage, which significantly decreases the RAM load due to using a hard drive database. Also, the third and the last refactoring wave is coming in the new releases, which completely renews the Bytecoin code. After this wave of refactoring, the Bytecoin will not have a single line of the 2012-code.

In the time that passed since the first start of Bytecoin, we have acquired a better understanding of what the cryptocurrency architecture should look like. We abandoned the idea that a user should have a number of interface points with the currency (wallet, miner, blockexplorer, etc.). Now, we think that a user should interface with the currency by means of a wallet, which allows him to perform any required operation with the Bytecoin.

The wallet is not a single piece of software. Bytecoin Platform now has three wallets, each for a certain group of users.

  • Bytecoin Wallet, developed with an intuitive graphic user interface. It was created for the convenience of the users;
  • Bytecoin RPC Wallet is a high-performance mediator between various financial services and the Bytecoin Platform. It is convenient for the developers of such services;
  • Bytecoin Reference Client allows one to use the Bytecoin functions by means of CLI.

The new versions of Bytecoin Reference Client will feature significant changes. The idea of a single software module for the console operation of Bytecoin is outdated. Therefore, we start the process of functional demarcation. The coming releases will feature stand alone solo miner and the miner from Simplewallet and Daemon will be cut out. Also, at some point in time Simplewallet will lose RPC API and these functions will eventually migrate to Bytecoin RPC Wallet.

Not only our understanding of the Blockchain-based businesses rose to a new level. Bytecoin Platform is also coming to a new stage. Due to this, the large Roadmap for a year to come is no more relevant. When the main stage of development is complete, processing bug reports, minor updates and enhancing flexibility and adaptability for the business requirements come to the fore.

Bytecoin 1.x has come close to the stage of business-implementation. So now, the main task of the Bytecoin Team is in providing maximum accurateness and simplicity when connecting the businesses to the platform. As for the further development, a number of interesting problems and smart solutions wait for their turn to be implemented in Bytecoin 2.0. To stay tuned to the development of the Bytecoin Platform, watch our news, twitter and blog.

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