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Bytecoin is the private untraceable cryptocurrency launched in 2012.

Bytecoin is the first enterprise-ready solution.

Fee-free instant international payments

Bytecoin network exists in the Internet and works almost as fast as the Internet itself. Some time is required to process the payment, as it requires cryptographic confirmation. It takes 2 minutes.

Your funds are reliably secure

Bytecoin protects user's money with the most secure and modern cryptographic algorithms. They are impossible to hack. The hacking attempt itself would require immense amount of expensive electricity and computational power of a supercomputer. You are the only one who can access your wallet.

Your private data is safe

Bytecoin system ensures that it is totally impossible to get information about your financial operations and wallet balance, unless you decide to reveal those. Only you can manage information that your business partners and third parties will see.

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