An Update on the Bytecoin Roadmap

September 13, 2019
An Update on the Bytecoin Roadmap

This post is to update our users on the progress of our technical development and on what we have been working recently. For the past several months our team has been developing Bytecoin Zero which was released for Beta testing last week.

This release has surpassed our expectations in terms of performance, usability and overall potential. Bytecoin Zero provides users with the anticipated convenience of light web apps while at the same time allowing them to maintain the security level they expect from Bytecoin. Consequently, the release has forced us to reconsider our product vision and priorities: we have decided to focus on developing Bytecoin Zero technology, which may affect the timing on projects laid out in the March roadmap.

Bytecoin Desktop and Bytecoin daemons serve as the backbone of Bytecoin infrastructure and are fully functional and well-tested products. They are recommended for users looking to deploy a node, as well as integrators and developers.

We encourage those not yet familiar with Bytecoin Zero to take a look at it on the dedicated GitHub page and read the corresponding introduction article on our blog. Bytecoin Zero allows users to open their Bytecoin wallet in the browser and send and receive their BCNs without having to install software or download a local copy of blockchain. 

We remind our users that Bytecoin Zero is now in the open Beta stage and encourage them to leave their feedback in the corresponding GitHub repository. In addition, feel free to reach us via channel of your choice.

Best regards,

The Bytecoin Devs

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