Bytecoin Amethyst v3.4.1 Technical Description

March 7, 2019
Bytecoin Amethyst v3.4.1 Technical Description

The Bytecoin Team is releasing Bytecoin Amethyst v3.4.1, containing several important fixes and improvements that are crucial to a speedy hardfork adoption.

At the forefront of the release is the improved interaction between the software and the memory pool. This change eliminates transaction processing lags and memory pool overflow.

Secondly, this update lowers the computational load on mining processors, potentially increasing overall throughput of the distributed system.

In addition to that, the release features the following additions and fixes:

  • cryptographic functions have been reviewed and tuned to better process information;

  • derivation paths of wallet secrets have been modified. Now dishonest modification of any secret in a view-only wallet is immediately clear to  the wallet auditor;

  • output seed generation has been simplified;

  • proof of sH ~ H contained in view-only wallet has been simplified.

Furthermore, some additions to the API have been made:

  • has_view_secret_key field in get_wallet_info method of walletd has been added.

The Bytecoin devs would like to thank everyone who has contributed to reporting on the software’s behavior. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via support or social media.

Best regards,

The Bytecoin Team

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