Bytecoin. Christmas Achievement Unlocked

You might celebrate Christmas with your family at home. Or you might be coding for the whole night. Or have a nice party with friends. Or argue with the spirits of the Past, the Present and the Future. It does not matter if you do celebrate Christmas, Solstice or Kwanzaa, never mind any of them or summarize another fading year.

Strict traditions and canons become less and less valuable in the modern global multicultural society.

Bytecoin Team consists of many different people, whose ideas and preferences are quite diverse. Therefore, we are not going to hold on to one feast. We feel that tomorrow is a special day, and we want to congratulate you with it.

As a team, we feel that summarizing our achievements in the year 2015 and telling you about our plans would be the best way of celebration.

This year was marked by a significant advancement of Bytecoin. Cryptocurrencies in general became more clear as an idea, attracted new professionals and trained their own ones. Within a few years, the cryptocurrencies developed from dusty farms with loose wires to polished metal and plastic minimalistic designs.

GUI Wallet appears...

Bytecoin also became more elegant, metal and minimalistic.

In Spring we presented a wallet with user-friendly GUI, which replaced a friendly, but not so charming command prompt. This was the start for a new level of working with the Bytecoin platform: intuitive. Create a wallet, check balance, send a transaction - all in one click!

Further works on design and ergonomics led to putting Block Explorer right inside the wallet. Starting with version 1.0.5, pool mining directly from the wallet was enabled.

In the Future, we are planning to expand the capabilities of the wallet and turn it into a real Command Center. Very soon you will be able to assign and manage Aliases from the Wallet; then, it will provide you with access to all the functions of the Colored Coins. But we will discuss these innovations later.

... and Business Wallet follows

We abandoned the command prompt and, subsequently, came to an idea that user-friendliness and friendliness for business development are quite different. The command prompt was an all-in-one, but it was not versatile enough. Therefore, we developed two separate wallets: one for the users, another for the business services.

In Spring of 2015, we presented the RPC Wallet. It provides program and service developers with an access to API, allowing to use the Bytecoin to its full potential in a most (we hoped) convenient way.

We did aim for the maximum comfort, but the feedback showed that we have a lot of space for improvements. Therefore, our latest update made RPC Wallet API even more handy for the experienced developers. We want to thank them for the time they found and spent for describing and telling us about the specific functions they deem necessary.

Business Platform

In addition to improving the means that provide access to the platform, we have expanded the functionality of the platform itself.

This Summer has seen a significant update: we added Fusion Transactions that allow for optimising user's account by means of fusing a number of small outputs into a large one.

This Autumn, we have added Micro-Donations to the list of functions of our platform. The basis for this approach is the possibility for donating when sending any transaction or receiving block reward. The donation itself is actually an odd money from the transaction. Therefore, is fee-free. The idea was proposed by the Bytecoin's evangelist Odinn, and we would like to thank him for it.

The Spirits of the Future

We will present the plans for the development of the platform in the beginning of the coming year. Still, we can already tell you, that Colored Coins will be added to the Bytecoin to allow users to make their own assets on the base of the platform.

This is going to be the main option to be introduced during the year to come. In addition to it, we are going to add a number of functions, which will make the platform even more versatile. One of them would be the blockchain-based aliases that allow for assigning a pseudonym to the address of the user and save it into blockchain.

We will release a lightweight wallet, which will be quite self-sustaining on one hand, independent from a certain node, and fast-syncing and requiring little volume of ROM and RAM on the other.

Of course, we will continue developing the existing Wallets in order to make the platform even more user-friendly and business-convenient.

We would like to express our gratitude towards all our users. Not only you support the Bytecoin platform, but participate in its development as well. Those ideas and remarks we receive from you help us a lot. Thanks to the feedback, we know the needs of the real people and include them in our roadmap.

Thank you for your support. Happy Holidays!

Bytecoin Team

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