Bytecoin v3.3.1 Extended Release Notes

October 4, 2018
Bytecoin v3.3.1 Extended Release Notes

The Bytecoin Team has released v3.3.1, which brings the latest features announced for the hardfork. Users can now take advantage of the fully-dynamic fees, and Bytecoin integrators are provided with several useful API improvements. Here are the changes and improvements in greater detail:

  • The 'create_transaction' walletd method will now create transactions with a fee < 0.01 BCN if both the 'fee_per_byte' and transaction size are small enough.
    In other words, users have the ability to set a fee of any amount, even below 0.01 BCN. It is worth noting that even though it is technically possible to set a fee less than 0.01, miners naturally prefer to pick transactions with higher fees, so users should consider the urgency of the transaction when choosing a fee.

  • In the 'create_transaction' walletd method, if 'any_spend_address' is set to true, leaving 'change_address' empty will set it to the first wallet address.
    This is a small, yet very handy workflow improvement that our partners will definitely appreciate.

  • Now the 'TRANSACTION_TOO_BIG' error contains amounts you can actually send (with desired and zero anonymity).
    This feature is a very helpful workflow improvement to the relatively rare, but quite important problem. When Bytecoin daemon assembles a transaction, it looks for the coins that can be added up to reach the desired transfer amount. Some users have very fragmented balances, and when the outputs are added to the transaction, the transaction surpasses the blockchain size requirements. And if you enable anonymity, the number of these outputs gets multiplied by the anonymity number. This issue is a common problem for all blockchains.
    This addition improves the API call that is responsible for assembling the transaction. Now, when such issue occurs, the error message will show the maximum amount that can be sent with zero and desired anonymity levels.

  • New API flag 'subtract_fee_from_amount' in 'create_transaction' walletd method to subtract fee from the amount sent.
    Now, users have the option to define a finite amount being subtracted from their balance. For instance, the user might want to send exactly 10 BCN from their address. With this new option selected, the daemon would fit the fee inside the amount they want to send (like 0.02 for the fee + 9.98 for the transfer amount = 10 BCN total subtracted from their balance).

  • Distribution of mix-in outputs returned by 'get_random_outputs' bytecoind method tweaked after additional research by the team.
    The Bytecoin devs are constantly testing the Bytecoin software for security and reliability, and are always looking for new solutions to ensure them. This release brings some improvements to the underlying algorithms.

- The Bytecoin Team

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