First AMA with the Bytecoin Dev Team
March 12, 2018

Hello Bytecoiners!

Bytecoin is planning to conduct our first AMA with Jenny Goldberg and the Dev Team. The topic of our AMA will be focused on the upcoming hardfork (June 12th) and the new GitHub. We plan to conduct the AMA on Tuesday March 13th for 90 minutes, from 5:30PM - 7:00PM GMT +1. Please keep all questions focused on these topics as other questions/comments will be removed or answered at a later date.

Below you can see a list of rules we will use to moderate this thread so please read them carefully before commenting!

About the AMA rules

We are happy to answer any and all topic related questions. Please keep comments civil and polite. All initial responses to posters must contain a properly punctuated question.

Questions which will not be addressed in this AMA: Tech support or account issue related questions, for help with that please email us at or on Telegram at @bcn_official Aggressive or non topic posts will be removed by the moderator.

Comments will be removed under a few circumstances:

  1. Abusive or harassing comments
  2. Comments where there would be no possibility of a real answer, especially where it is deliberately creepy or offensive.
  3. "I bet OP won't answer this"-type responses, which usually come after the OP has finished responding to questions.
  4. Repeatedly asking the same question, which violates Reddit's site-wide rules.
  5. A subreddit or other website organizing and voting for a group comment/question is considered to be vote cheating and is subject to removal. It is a violation of the rules of reddit and risks a sitewide ban.
  6. Questions must be directed toward the individual(s) doing the IAMA.
  7. Under our policies, astroturfing is the practice of an individual or group of individuals who plant questions in an IAmA post for a particular purpose. Behavior of this kind will result in a permanent ban from /r/BytecoinBCN
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