The Bytecoin Public Testnet Release

August 17, 2018
The Bytecoin Public Testnet Release

Dear Community,

The Bytecoin team is glad to announce the public testnet release. Actually, this event is quite important for the entire Bytecoin ecosystem not because of support of testnetworking but the early support of a large-scale infrastructure - stagenet.

The release is available on our website and GitHub Page, and as always is indicated by the bumped version (both Desktop and Daemons v3.2.4). Here is the changelog:

  • Added the testnet functionality.

  • Fixed WRONG_BLOCKCHAIN problem when walletd ends up in a state where it could not sync with bytecoind.

  • Put a stop to infinite attempts to download the blockchain from nodes which are lagging behind.

Whereas the software v3.2.4 supports the testnet, it also incorporates some essential fixes to improve the user experience while using our software.

We also want to mention that the test/stage infrastructure is in its final preparation stage and this system will be used and maintained for further innovations. However, such infrastructure should be deployed with the consideration of further scalability and high loading. In this case, tests and audits of the software will be more serious and faster, as long as more users will be able to participate in the tests.

We recommend our users and integrators to update their software versions in a timely manner, as the latest versions provide much more stability and functionality. Feel free to suggest your ideas about features that you want to see in further builds in the comments section below or on our GitHub Page.

Yours Truly,

Jenny Goldberg

The Bytecoin Team

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