The Bytecoin Software Review

August 11, 2018
The Bytecoin Software Review

Dear Community,

We have decided to reflect on the changes made to the Bytecoin software so far and remind our users about the most recent improvements to the technology. The new software is safer, more reliable, and performs better than ever.

For those of our users who haven’t yet updated to the latest Bytecoin software versions, we strongly recommend for you to download and install it. 

The beta release of 3.2.0 has brought a wide range of improvements. The most noticeable one for our users is a reworked wallet cache, an entity that calculates and stores a user’s balances. Now it uses 3x less space and runs 2x faster. In order to take advantage of this improvement, our users will have to resync their blockchain, but the effort is very well worth it. In addition, the blockchain downloader itself have been improved. Now it takes even less time to sync the blockchain.

Users that prefer using Bytecoin through a Terminal and Command-Line Utility can now enter their passwords safely in any place - they are now obscured when entering in accordance with the latest safety trends.

And, of course, we have made Bytecoin more convenient and effortless for our partners and integrators.

First of all, we have introduced a new workflow improvement - Payment Queue. Now all transactions pending for upload to the blockchain are formed in this special place. Bytecoin composes them in such a way that the same outputs are not used in different transactions to prevent them from being rejected in the memory pool. What this means for the community is that exchanges and miners are able to send out transactions faster and more reliably.

Secondly, the mechanism of the memory pool size adjustment was changed to give miners more freedom in selecting transactions for including in blocks.

Thirdly, the experience of working with the Bytecoin API has been improved considerably. The logic of several methods has been changed to be more intuitive and reliable. Multiple methods now have the ability to respond with error codes and messages according to the best practises in software development. Binary methods are now versioned to allow for easier detection of changes.

And last, but not least, multiple miscellaneous improvements have been made across the functionality of the software: cryptographic safety improvements, extended password support, hot backup functionality, and many more.

Versions 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 build upon the improvements of version 3.2.0 and fix miscellaneous bugs to make Bytecoin more reliable.

It comes as no surprise that we encourage all of our users to update to the most recent version 3.2.2. You can grab the software in the Downloads section on our website or on our official GitHub page.

We always look forward to hearing feedback from our users and are excited to see the many ways in which they use Bytecoin.

Jenny Goldberg,

The Bytecoin Team

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