The New Era Has Come

October 16, 2017
The New Era Has Come

Dear reader,

I hope you’re well, sitting on a comfortable sofa with a drink, and ready to get the news. We have been working for the last three months on Bytecoin like never before. It’s time to make a short summary and take a brief look at the progress we’ve made together. Almost none of the madeelements would have been able to be presented without YOUR support, that’s why it’s necessary to continue and accelerate our cooperation. Here is what we’ve:

Devs side:

  • Thousands of lines of code were renewed which lead us to a total code refactoring. The thing is that today’s Bytecoin network is one of the most stable, fast, and reliable.
  • All of the wallets were updated. Moreover, we are doing some regular maintenance to make our products more stable and user-friendly.
  • The web-wallet was released and it’s continuing to win over consumers because of it’s speed and functionality.
  • Some special products were created by the community enthusiasts. Thus, we were able to release new mining pools, shops, plugins, added new remote nodes, and informational websites.

Marketing and community side:

  • New partnerships were made. Now it’s possible to purchase clothes, jewelry, and food using Bytecoin in just one click.
  • New exchanges were added and now it’s possible to purchase Bytecoin using your local currency.
  • A few more variants of how and where to keep your coins in a reliable way are also now available.
  • Using the petition flashmob we’ve achieved success in some hard situations. Keeping it that way we’ll gain more progress in making new partnerships and listings.
  • Introduction lectures were made which helped us in spreading the ecosystem to new regions.
  • Local communities have appeared and it seems like Bytecoin is presented in every tech-developed country today. Next step - M
  • Lots of new channels of communication were launched, now it’s possible to be involved in the Bytecoin ecosystem 24/7

We’re heading straight towards the deadlines and we’ll be glad to make you proud of being a part of the ecosystem. As was promised, the native mobile wallet is on it’s way, as well as a set of new features you’ll be pleased to see. The main aim today is to get listed on more exchange platforms and it’s your time to help us! Submitting more tickets, showing activity in the exchange’s threads, signing the petitions, and making some public announcements will definitely help us gain a lot of attention throughout the crypto community. Ready, Set, Go!

The new era of Bytecoin has come, and you’re the first lucky ones to take a part in it!

Yours truly,

Jenny Goldberg

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