Untraceable Tokens

May 17, 2017
Untraceable Tokens

Dear Community,

Cryptocurrency market has been developing drastically, bringing more and more innovations to explore. The Bytecoin team understands the importance of keeping a finger on the pulse, thus we give you an insight into the great things that kept our team busy around the clock for quite a long time.

As you know, the growing popularity of tokens has resulted in top ten token market capitalization value overgrowing $1.4 billion. Evolving the trend, the Bytecoin team has broken ground on developing a wallet-integrated solution that would allow anyone to create their own Bytecoin based token.

A token is a representation of an asset on top of the existing blockchain. Tokens created on the top of Bytecoin will be the first completely untraceable tokens created using the Cryptonote protocol. BCN-based tokens will be compatible with the Bytecoin wallet and any other client using the same protocol.

These tokens will provide you with the same unique features that made you love Bytecoin:

untraceable payments use ring signature unlinkable transactions with random data by the sender low processing fees We have also laid a foundation for a feature that will currently remain undisclosed to keep the interest steaming, but we promise to give you full detail in the upcoming posts.

Further on we will keep you informed about the development process to make sure you do not miss the opportunity to be in the first line to emit your own untraceable Bytecoin based token.

Commencing countdown till the global ICO market revolution.

Stay tuned for the news!

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