Update on 3.0.4 Adoption Rate

May 9, 2018

We estimate that 25% of nodes has upgraded to this latest version just hours after it was released by BCN team, of those 3.0.4 nodes only one reported some network issues, others seem to be fully in sync and working normally.

All users are strongly advised to help the network by upgrading their Bytecoin Daemons v.3.0.4 (for merchants) and Bytecoin Desktop v.2.0.4 (for individuals) available at

Please, notice that there’s no need to download the entire blockchain from scratch, as long as the new versions are compatible with the previous database. You only need to import the backup wallet file to the new client version.

Note to miners - after upgrade, your orphan rate should drop, increasing payouts.

The Bytecoin team

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