Updated Bytecoin Roadmap

July 1, 2018
Updated Bytecoin Roadmap

Dear Community,

The Bytecoin Team is happy to provide you with our updated roadmap. We wish to thank our users for their patience and understanding as we met with our team over the last couple weeks and understood when the exact dates will be. Please see the details we have listed below.

The hardfork was originally delayed due to various reasons which users can read about here but to put it simply, our team needed to spend some time strengthening our system to prevent any kind of situation as occurred from May 8th - May 10th. We understand the importance of meeting deadlines but the importance of maintaining the integrity of our network and of your faith in us is our utmost priority.

As of today we are ready to share with you the new Roadmap dates. They are as follows, on August 17th the Public Testnet will be released for users to begin to analyze. The Testnet will allow any users, merchants, companies which would like to use the Bytecoin code for any purpose, to practice using our new code, and perform test transactions to prepare for full adoption when the actual hardfork update is released.

The new date of the hardfork has been moved to August 31st. We will release a full list of features and functions that the hardfork will include, but we will do that in greater detail as we get closer to the release date. The main point is that it will of course include the new dynamic fee system.

The main thing that our community needs to know about this is that this hardfork will not include any new coins or anything like that. That is why we have included the consensus update clarification within the the new hardfork. For users to utilize the new software / system, they will need to update their wallets to the newest version when it is released. This will prevent any issues that we have experienced in the past and keep the overall system healthy and strong.

We hope that these new dates will meet with the approval of the Bytecoin community. We also wish to thank our users for their unwavering patience as our dev team worked on getting the new dates for the Roadmap released to the public.

The Bytecoin Team

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