Project Update from the Bytecoin Team

December 17, 2019
Project Update from the Bytecoin Team

Dear Bytecoin community,

We have been receiving some inquiries regarding BCN and its activity. Today, we want to address some of our users’ concerns. 

First of all, let us refer you to our previous blog posts regarding the Bytecoin Zero release and the update to our 2019 roadmap. The milestones that have been outlined for this year have yet to be implemented, however, they have  not been scratched from the general plan completely. Instead, they have been postponed as more effort is being channeled into the technological growth of the platform.

In addition to working on our recent releases, we have also been studying the market and analyzing technology we think may be of use to us. It is not reasonable to rush our roadmap as the entire industry, and especially the crypto segment, has been changing and developing fast. The market is visibly shifting towards DEXes with the blockchain sector becoming more and more regulated. This is why a more concrete long-term plan needs to be figured out for Bytecoin.

As was previously mentioned, the Bytecoin Zero release has exceeded the expectations of its potential usability so much that we have decided to focus on its further development. Currently, some additional features are being tested, however, the wallet itself is ready to be used and is performing accordingly. Bytecoin Zero has surpassed the security limitations that are present in mobile and web applications, therefore, it is a safer way to store funds. This wallet supports the Amethyst wallet structure and allows users to receive and send money to any supporting wallet from their Amethyst wallet file because it is made up of safe and tested Bytecoin Desktop code that has been compiled to run in the browser. This technological implementation allows users to access their funds safely from any device. 

While in beta testing for some additional functions, the wallet is ready to be used and performs properly.  This is why the Bytecoin community, especially mobile and web application users are welcome to use Bytecoin Zero as it presents a more stable and secure wallet option. More details about this wallet release can be found on our blog

Another release that Bytecoin is expecting to implement in the nearest future is hidden amounts. This technology will ensure that transaction amounts will be concealed on the Bytecoin blockchain. Transaction amounts don’t explicitly disclose any sensitive information but what they do disclose is often unwanted. The addition of hidden amounts is aimed at preventing outside parties from tracking transactions with large or uncommon amounts. It will also reduce the average size of transactions with multiple inputs while increasing the level of anonymity in the system, as well as reducing the number of generated output coins per transaction. This will potentially slow the growth rate of the blockchain, leaving it compact for the time being.

Because we are focusing all of our energy and time on improving the performance of existing and upcoming updates, as well as working on a more reasonable project roadmap for the next year, some of the less urgent matters might have to take a back seat for the time being. 

Our team is also working on expanding the Bytecoin ecosystem and has been discussing some listing opportunities. Meanwhile, any activity from our dedicated community members will be met with the utmost support and encouragement. It can be as simple as letting an exchange platform know about BCN and that there is a demand to have it listed there. 

Overall, our team wanted to make sure that the Bytecoin community is updated on the current state of the project. We are really grateful for all of the support and encouragement that we have seen throughout this difficult time. If any further questions or concerns arise, you are always welcome to contact us via

Thank you for your continuous support!

Best regards,

The Bytecoin Devs


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