Hardfork Announcement: Blockchain Upgrade Completed

May 17, 2019
Hardfork Announcement: Blockchain Upgrade Completed

The Bytecoin Team is proud to announce that the blockchain has hit block 1792117, and the hardfork process has been successfully completed. From this point on, the blockchain will be accepting version 4 blocks, bringing the long-anticipated technical additions to life.

What does it mean?

Starting now, the blockchain will be accepting blocks in the new format, which means that Bytecoin users and integrators will be able to take advantage of the technical improvements that were earlier only available in stagenet. These additions include:

What will happen to out-of-date software?

All previous software versions prior to Amethyst v3.4.2 won’t be able to send transactions to new HD addresses, however, the Bytecoin development team has taken backward compatibility into account, which means that the new versions of the software will continue to fully support old format addresses. With that said, we strongly recommend all our users who haven’t yet done so to update to the latest versions of our software. All editions prior to that of Amethyst v3.4.2 are not guaranteed to sync with the blockchain properly and won’t be actively maintained any longer.

What will happen to third-party services?

Exchanges, wallets, mining pools and other integrators working with BCN were notified in advance and have updated their daemons, which means that they already operate with the latest software and are expected to work correctly.

The Bytecoin Team thanks all of our users and integrators for their timely updates and contributions to network health. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions via or on Twitter and Reddit.

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